Cine Film Transfer Service

Using the very latest data scanner technology we digitally scan and convert your precious memories to a modern format such as a digital file, DVD or Blu-Ray disk.
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Film Scanning Details

Before selecting and trusting any company with your beloved films, its important to ensure that the company's scanning equipment is of the highest quality. All of our film scanning is performed at our Cheshire facility using the latest "digital data scanner" technology, which replaces the older and now outdated Telecine or Flashscan systems. Our film scanners do NOT contain sprockets or pull-down claws that can damage the film; instead, our technology uses high-precision lasers to track and measure the film in real-time. The film tension is continuously monitored by a computer system and will stop in a "heartbeat" if any problems are detected; this avoids any damage to your precious film. Our high-quality commercial scanners provide highly stable and colour-corrected images that are impossible on cheaper systems. Your films and memories deserve the best treatment; don't settle for second best.

Prices start from just £6.50 per spool for either 8mm, 9.5mm or 16mm and this includes film cleaning and colour restoration.

To review the quality of our scans then please click here to view our online sample scans.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of our service then please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 043 0668 , or via email or online chat.

Cine Film Formats

We can scan all standard film formats, including Standard8, Super8, Single8, 9.5mm Pathé, 16mm, Super16mm and Polavision.
If any films contain either a magnetic or optical soundtrack, this will be captured in real-time during the scanning process.
If you are unsure of the film type that you have then please click here for more information that should help.

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Output Formats

Our most requested output format is a digital file; this can be either MP4 or ProRes422HQ and delivered via a USB storage device or Secure Online Vault.
All scanning is delivered in high definition and delivered at the film's native frame rate of 16, 18 or 24fps.
We also offer professionally authored DVD & Blu-Ray disks if required.

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Colour Correction

As a standard service, all scanned film is colour corrected to restore the natural colour of the original. Unique to data scanners is the ability to both optically and digitally correct the images to get the most accurate results

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Magnetic or Optical Sound

If your film contains a magnetic or optical soundtrack then our scanning system will automatically detect this and transfer the sound in real-time. This ensures perfect picture/sound synchronisation.

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Included Services

Film Cleaning

All film is cleaned before scanning using industry-standard techniques. Our scanner also incorporates PTRs (Particle Transfer Rollers ) to clean the film during the scanning process.

Film Repairs

All film is checked before scanning, and if required, any poor splicing is repaired using our high-precision film splicers. This is a standard service for 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film.

Negative Scanning

We offer a scanning service for both positive and negative films. We apply a standard orange mask during scanning for the negative film to produce the best results.

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How much does it cost?

The following calculator will give you an estimated project cost for the film scanning based on the size and quantity of reels, plus the output format.

The estimated cost assumes all the film reels are completely full, otherwise the final cost may come down. If you wish to receive multiple outputs such as USB and DVD then please contact us for some special pricing.
The return shipment is not included in this estimated price.
If you have any questions or would like a formal quotation please use the contact button below and we will be happy to assist.

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