Photo/Slide FAQ

Below are the most common asked questions relating to our photograph and slide scanning service

What size of photographs can you scan ?

We can scan all sizes from passport size to A4

Do you have a calculator on your website for estimating the cost

Yes. Each service has an information page, at the bottom of this page you will find a calculator for estimating the cost. Of you can contact our office and we will be happy to provide a quotation - Just Call 0800 043 0668

Do I receive my photographs and/or slides back ?

Yes, all material is returned once the project is completed.

What negatives do you accept ?

We accept negatives on a strip ( normally 4 or 6 ) and also negatives on a roll ( normally 24 or 36 )

Do you adjust the brightness and colour of the images ?

Yes, all scans are colour graded after the scan to restore the natural colours. This is done using Kodak and Adobe Lab Software.

Can you scan glass-mounted 35mm Slides ?

It is possible to scan glass-mounted slides, however, it is preferred to scan the image without the glass panels as this gives much better results.

What format do I receive my scan in ??

As standard, we supply the scan in TIFF and JPEG format. TIFF files are uncompressed and represent the highest quality, they are much larger in file size than JPEG images. JPEG images are compressed in file size and much better for sharing.

Can I send my photographs within a photo album ?

We prefer the receive the photographs removed from any album. This allows for better scanning quality.

What is Digital Ice ?

This technology is used to electronically remove dust and marks from slides and negative scans. The technology works by performing an infrared scan of the film surface to detect dust and dirt, then using imaging software the marks are automatically removed from the final image.