Photo & Slide Scanning

Using commercial grade Photo and Slide Scanners we offer a comprehensive digitising service.
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Photograph & Slide Scanning

Before the introduction of digital cameras, we all had pictures from printed photographs, negatives or 35mm slides. At Images4life, we offer a comprehensive service to transfer your older pictures to either JPEG or TIFF images so that you can safely store them together with your digital photographs. You also can upload them to your cloud storage providers such as Google or Apple.We only use commercial grade scanners from Kodak and Nikon to safely digitise your material. We also colour grade and enhance the final image as part of our service.
As standard, we offer the scans in TIFF and JPEG format and can deliver them via USB storage or our secure online vault.
For a cost-effective solution, contact us today. Photograph scanning prices start at just £0.20 each, and Slide scanning at just £0.45

Photograph Scanning

This service is excellent for converting your printed photographs into digital copies, supporting all standard and bespoke sizes from passport photo size to A4.
All scans are performed using our commercial Kodak scanning system, which automatically rotates and colour grades the photographs to bring them back to life with vivid and rich colours.

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35mm Slide Scanning

Our 35mm slide scanning service utilises commercial film scanners to create high-resolution scans of your slides. The technology scans at an amazing 4000dpi to provide stunning scans with vivid rich colours and exceptional detail.
All scans are colour graded and exported to TIFF and JPEG format and delivered on a USB storage device or via our secure online vault.

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Negative Scanning

This service uses the latest digital film scanners to scan the original photo negative that was supplied with printed photographs. We scan at an amazing 4000dpi to create stunning colour-rich scans with amazing detail. The scans are then colour graded and exported to TIFF and JPEG formats before being delivered on a USB storage device or downloaded from our secure online vault.

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Output Formats

The final scans are delivered in both TIFF and JPEG formats; this ensures the highest level of detail and compatibility. We can supply the files on either a USB storage device or via our online vault service.
TIFF files are pretty large as they are uncompressed, whilst the JPEG versions are smaller in size but contain a level of compression.

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Included Services

Colour Grading

All of the scans are colour graded and checked prior to creating the master set of TIFF and JPEG files.
Colour grading resets all the colours that may have faded over the years.
Colour grading is performed using calibrated Kodak Lab software.

Slide Cleaning

Prior to scanning any slides or negatives the material is aero cleaned to remove any dirt and dust. Also as standard we perform Digital Ice scanning that electronically removes image artifacts leading to a pure clean scan.

Digital Ice Scanning

As standard all scans are performing using digital ice technology that performs an infra-red scan of the images and detects scratches and marks which can then be automatically removed from the final image. Whilst the process takes longer to perform the results are amazing

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How much does it cost?

The following calculator will give you an estimated project cost for Photo and 35mm Slide/Negative scanning based on the quantity of images.

We deliver both TIFF and JPEG files as part of our standard service. These can be delivered as a digital download or USB Stick
The return shipment is not included in this estimated price.
If you have any questions or would like a formal quotation please use the contact button below and we will be happy to assist.

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